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Guidelines for Projects

In order to establish a partnership with Friends of Youth Services, Inc. (FOYS) on projects, the following are suggestions to guide prospective partners in the application and approval process. Our relationships are within Palm Beach County Departments only and may or may not include fiduciary responsibilities.

All projects must be approved prior to being accepted as a supported project.

  • Submit the proposed project on the Project Intake Form

The Executive Committee of FOYS, reviews all applications to determine if the project:

  • Meets the criteria for acceptance (see Mission Statement)
  • May be approved/rejected by a majority vote; if approved, the project will be routed to the Full Board for acceptance.

The Executive Committee may, at its discretion, approve a project for support with a majority vote of the Executive Committee if the project will be managed and fulfilled by the submitting organization and the only support required from FOYS is fiscal transaction management such as making deposits, issuing checks as directed by the requesting organization and producing a report covering deposits, payments and balance information. The Executive Committee will thereafter advise the full Board of its decision to accept and/or reject such a proposal by email to all Board members at its earliest convenience but no later than the next scheduled Board meeting.

Projects that require significant commitment of FOYS resources must be submitted to the full Board for approval prior to acceptance and implementation. Project proposals will be discussed by the full Board at the first full Board meeting following the Executive Committee's initial approval.

Submission Time Frames: All projects requiring full Board approval, including annual projects, should be submitted at least three (3) months prior to scheduled project or event.

Written Request: Define the project in writing; include, at a minimum, the following:

  1. Primary Contact person's name and complete contact information
  2. Expected results Effect of the project on your the presenting organization and targeted community.
  3. Short and long term project goals and objectives. ("Short term" is defined as twelve (12) months or less and more than twelve (12) months is "long term.")
  4. Identification of measurable outcome(s)
  5. For each phase address:
    • required resources
    • estimated time periods
    • monitoring
    • evaluation methods
  6. Your agency must submit a completed Project Certification Form upon completion of the event or project.

FOYS Operating Procedures: Upon receipt of the project request, the Executive Committee will identify a board member as a contact person. This individual will be responsible for the review, presentation and distribution of the request to all board members. If the project is accepted, a liaison will be selected to coordinate activities between the two organizations.

In most cases, decisions for acceptance or rejection of the project will be made at next scheduled board meeting. FOYS will evaluate all proposals according to the following:

  1. Necessity of FOYS for success of the project.
  2. Consistency with the FOYS mission.
  3. Reasonability and attainability
  4. Resources available or obtainable

Mutual Responsibilities of FOYS and the Partner Organization Upon Acceptance:

  1. Outline responsibilities for each party
  2. Maintain sufficient contact for reporting the project's status to the FOYS Board of Directors
  3. Monitor the accomplishment of the project goals.
  4. Agree to changes to the initial agreement, expansion and/or termination
  5. Assure the submission, to the Board of Directors of FOYS, of a quarterly report which includes: donations, grants, volunteer hours, sponsorships and other pertinent information
  6. Attend meetings as requested.

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